Welcome To EcoTyper

EcoTyper is a framework for the systematic identification of cell states and cellular communities (ecotypes) from bulk, single-cell and spatially-resolved gene expression data. We have already defined cell states and ecotypes across carcinomas (Luca/Steen et al., Cell 2021) and in diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL) (Steen/Luca et al., Cancer Cell 2021).

This website allows users to explore features of the cell states and cellular communities identified by EcoTyper across carcinomas and in lymphoma, as well as assign cell states and ecotypes to user provided expression data. The website does not allow users to discover new cell types and ecotypes in their own data, or perform cell state and ecotype recovery in spatial transcriptomics data. These functionalities are provided in the EcoTyper source code available in the Download section of this website and on the GitHub page of EcoTyper.

This website provides the following features:

  • Recovery of cell states and ecotypes in user-provided bulk data and scRNA-seq data.
  • Interact with, visualize, and explore EcoTyper results for carcinoma and lymphoma.
  • Download data associated with the EcoTyper publications.

The EcoTyper source code provides the following features: